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Window Cleaning
For general Window Cleaning, ether residential or commercial there are 5 methods I use;

Chamois & Scrim.
A Chamois is used to loosen and remove dirt, followed by a buffing with Scrim.

Water & Squeegee, The Traditional.
Chemicals are added to water, and a cloth-covered handle is dipped into the resulting solution and used to scrub glass. A squeegee is then used to sluice dirt and water mixture from glass.

Water-fed Poles
A variety of telescopic poles, fitted at the upper end with a brush and water jets, fed with pure water are used to brush the dirt off the glass and then rinsed clean with the water.

Cut and Polish
Is a specialty cleaning process where a compound of polishes are used to cut into the surface of the glass, deep clean and then seal the surface preventing dirt from sticking onto the glass.  Thus making the dirt easier to remove.Very affective on sheet glass houses close to the sea, where sea sault clings to the glass, or on cars where water clings to the windscreen .  After polishing I can create the bead affect.    

But I don’t just clean windows!  Below are a number of services I offer, but please get in touch to discuss your needs as I can tailor my services.

  • UPVC Restoration.

  • Gutter & Weather Board Cleaning.

  • End of Tenancy Cleaning.

  • New Home Cleaning.

  • Caravan & Car Cleaning.

  • Holiday Home Management & Cleaning.

  • Jet Washing.

  • Conservatory Cleaning.

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