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Window Cleaning FAQ’s

What is  "Pure Water" and "Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning System"?

Pure water is simply, water purified using a 5 stage reverse osmosis filter which removes all minerals, and chemicals producing sterilized water.      Using the pure water, through a fed pole system and brush washes all dirt, green algae and birds mess off the glass and sterilizes the glass so it stays cleaner longer! It also will ensure greater privacy (no window cleaner looking through your bedroom windows) and will eliminate any damage that may occur by resting ladders on window frames, gutters etc. Risk of damage to lawns, flower beds and outbuildings will be minimized too.

Is it more expensive than a traditional window cleaner?

No, it is no more expensive because it takes much less time and man-power than using ladders.

How do you price a window cleaning job?

I take into consideration how many windows you have, what type of property you live in, whether the property is awkward to manoeuvre around in fact there are many factors I have to take into consideration.

Is your brush heavy on our windows and will it cause scratches on the glass?

No, I use light, carbon fibre poles and very soft bristle brushes. My method of cleaning will not cause any scratches on your windows.

Will your water fed pole clean my UPVC window frames?

Yes at no extra charge! If you have uPVC window frames I will wash down your frames and include any uPVC doors too which will be included in your price

Can you clean windows that have wooden window frames?

Yes, as long as your window frames are in prime condition.

Will the water fed pole leave any water marks/drips on our windows?

If you have been using a traditional window cleaner up to the present you may notice minor spotting for the first few washes. A traditional window cleaner will have necessarily left detergent residue on your windows, which, after rain, can leave spotting.
After a few washes with pure water, there will be no trace of detergent left. Because of this your windows will appear to remain cleaner for longer!
Remember too that with a traditional window cleaner your windows frames may not have been cleaned for a long time which may also cause a little streaking for the first few washes.

We have leaded windows, can you wash our windows?

Yes, no problem at all.

Do we need an outside tap so you can use the water to clean our windows?

No, I use purified water. I do not use any of your water.

How often should our windows be cleaned?

I recommend once a month due to the notorious British weather, and the sand content in the air.

Do you offer a one-off window cleaning service?

Yes I do.

Do you cover my area?

I cover the whole of the Isle of Wight for residential window cleaning and commercial window cleaning.

How do we pay you?

Payment methods include, BACS, Cash and Pay Pal for regular customers, but due to high bank charges I no longer accept Cheques. You just need to let me know which you prefer at the time of setting up your first clean.

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